EOS Alliance responds to allegations of Vote Buying and Collusion

On 1st October, EOS Alliance, a global group dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the EOS, issued a statement on their official page in response to the allegations made against the platform. The allegations were related to vote buying and collusion.

The group stated that the allegations were made against some of the top 21 block producers and paid standby producers. They assured that even if manipulation existed, it “may not directly or immediately impact the public perception and business reputation of the EOS mainnet.”

However, this scenario has raised doubts about the long-term viability of the network. Acknowledging this concern, they stated:

“EOS Alliance acknowledges and respects the concerns of the EOS community that vote buying, a particularly grievous form of social engineering, is spotlighted and dealt with, if it exists, but without brand-damaging drama, witch hunts, or mob rule.”

EOS Alliance explained, Dan Larimer’s Delegated Proof of Stake [DPOS] design requires 15 independent votes out of 21 to operate the EOS network securely. If some block producers [BPs] were coordinating together as alleged, it might raise questions about the “transactional reliability” of the EOS blockchain data.

They said:

“This requirement for BP independence is enshrined in the Constitution as well as within the REGPRODUCER and VOTEPRODUCER contracts which every Block Producer candidate and every voter, respectively, must agree to.”

For this, the group has proposed a dispute resolution system that can be implemented. The group stated that the dispute resolution system will consist of token holder voting system and the arbitration system. 

The token holder voting system will allow token holders to vote out BPs involved in a collusion. The arbitration system will provide a “proper venue” to evaluate the allegations by filing a dispute.

The Alliance stated:

“We are in the coming weeks about to discover, based on evidence, not just allegations, if there has been a violation, and if so then how well these safeguards work.”

However, the group’s motive was not to weigh the accuracy of the allegations, but instead, facilitate a dialogue within the community. The primary aim of the alliance is to make people understand the situation and help the community in making a decision.

Moreover, the group said that given the circumstance of geopolitical considerations, Chinese investors and corporations are being “demonized”. The EOS Alliance explained that it does not want people in China being “demonized” unfairly.

The community plans to provide reasons to the government to increase the opportunities of legally engaging in blockchain projects which will help eliminate the thought “Chinese token holders or BPs are being unfairly picked on”.

They explained that the EOS Mainnet dispute resolution is based on the rules of international trade arbitration embodied in the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law [UNCITRAL].

EOS Alliance Group concluded:

“The EOS Alliance believes the EOS community will rise to the challenge posed by this situation, and fulfill the potential inherent in its governing documents. We will continue to assist in that process.”

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