Dash drives adoption in Africa, aims to make cryptocurrency payment an everyday concept

Recently, Dash, an autonomous organization and open source cryptocurrency announced that Dash Africa and Dash Hub Africa made significant headway in driving the adoption of cryptocurrency in the continent.

The cryptocurrency platform confirmed that despite the lack of funds for its projects, Ghana and Nigeria have been progressively using Dash to buy mobile airtime through Dash’s collaboration with Bitrefill. Bitrefill is a company that allows users to refill their mobile devices by making payments with Bitcoin [BTC] and other altcoins.

Furthermore, Dash Hub Africa has been able to drive merchant and consumer adoption through the introduction of an ambassador program through which 25 merchants decided to use Dash for payment.

Dash Africa is a non-profit educational organization whose aim is to promote the concept, comprehension, and usability of the digital currency in order to bring financial stability and economic growth in the continent.

According to Dash Hub Africa, consumers were inclined to use Dash as currency for amenities like the payment of bills, vouchers, and subscriptions. Dash Hub Africa stated:

“Africa continent with Real-time use of $Dash… Remittance to Africa is over $63 Billion yearly with Expensive charges. The Dash Hub Africa project is to divert Remittances to Africa through Dashpay as a DigitalCash payment solution offers the best features with a low transaction fee.”

The Dash Hub Africa project was initiated to build awareness and adoption of Dash effectively, making it mainstream in Africa. Dash aims to increase the everyday usage of the cryptocurrency by using it as payment for goods and services for merchants and businesses.

Recent news also saw businessmen in Venezuela driving the adoption of Dash in Venezuela through the formation of three organizations, namely Dash Merchant, Help Venezuela and Dash Text. The businessmen also collaborated with thousand Venezuelan merchants through their endeavor. Alejandro Echeverría, the Director of Dash Venezuela stated:

“Dash is a cryptocurrency that is mainly based on being a means of payment: to be fast, to have almost imperceptible commissions, and to be an open cryptocurrency, exchangeable by any cryptoactive and any fiduciary currency worldwide.”

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