Crypto Market On The Green But Market Capitalization Still Ranging, Bitcoin Back Up

CoinDNA MArket Recap

After a minor dump yesterday, the crypto market is heading back up and is a little healthier looking today. Majority of the Top 100 crypto board is green and there’s hardly any big dumps. It’s the kind of day when altcoins prosper and recover.

The market capitalization is up at $219.3, from yesterday’s $215, a small addition, definitely, but a welcome one given all the (non) drama we’re (not) having this week. The trading volume went down at $12 Billion and unfortunately for altcoins, the greens are not reflecting much with the BTC dominance still on a high 51.9%.

The Bitcoin price is up to 1.59% today and back to the $6600 level. Yesterday, we saw a price drop to as low as $6430. It played around this level till today when it started to move up going as high as $6641. It’s currently at $6607 at the time of this writing and “might” breakout in the mid-term, according to the analysts. The chart is a bit better today, with the MACD trying to win in the bullish side. SRSI is above 80 on the oversold, and RSI is slightly below 80. However, the MFI is turning down at the moment. The next resistances are at $6640 and $6700 and the support is still at $6400.

After going down with the BTC yesterday, Ethereum is recovering back to $230. Yesterday, it went as low as $216 before starting to trade on the positive side and is currently at $224 at the time of this writing. The chart is still on the bearish side though as MACD is still bearish. The SRSI is oversold and RSI is heading downwards. The same is also true for the Money Flow Index (MFI) which is heading down below 50.

The Top 10 altcoins are all in the green today except for Tether. It was a bigger push earlier but now, the greens have evened out to below 2% for the majority. EOS leads the biggest gainer at 2.31% but still below $6 at $5.70 at the time of this writing. RIpple’s XRP, which has been leading earlier at 4% is now at 2.08% on the day and trading at $0.537. Cardano is also at 2.06% gain today at $0.08 trading price.

NEM, which has been dumping yesterday, is now today’s biggest gainer of the Top 25 crypto at 7.52%. Below that is Bytecoin at 3.17%. The rest are also playing below 2% gain on the day except for Dogecoin which is the only one on the red at -0.15%.

We’re still not having any huge pump today, but Noah Coin, the remittance coin from the Philippines, is surging at 20.30%. Siacoin is also jumping at 16.84%. Aurora rounds off our double-digit gainer for the day at 14.07%. There are other good performers below 10% like Elastos at 9.22% gain. Loopring and GXchain are both at 8%. On the other side of the road is Eternal Token dumping heavily at -8.86%. MOAc is also losing at -5.37%.

Overall, there is still no sign if we’re already on recovery. The crypto market is still probably on a sideways trend, which could be good for altcoins recovery.  

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