Cardano [ADA]’s Hoskinson to Cardano Foundation: If you’re afraid of risk, get your cowardly ass out

Charles Hoskinson recently struck back at the Cardano Foundation, protecting the community of the coin while laying down points for the split between the Foundation and the rest of the project. He stated that the Foundation was run by a “king”, stating that there was no transparency in the system.

This marks another development in the Cardano Foundation-IOHK disagreement saga, which Hoskinson stated has been occurring for almost a year at this point. Due to the existing power that the CF has over the Cardano project, Hoskinson was asked what he would say when asked not to “interfere” with the actions of the Foundation. He stated:

“I’d ask basic questions like, do you think it’s in the interest of the community to have the Foundation led by a king? There is no oversight or checks and balances when you have a board of two where one doesn’t do much other than file the paperwork and the other one has absolute power. Why do you feel you’re above transparency?”

Hoskinson went on to ask them when they were going to provide transparency as to the inner workings of their proceedings, such as their minutes. He also stated that they have not provided details of the remuneration of funds, which is a risky proposition considering that it was the Cardano community’s money.

Moreover, Hoskinson detailed the circumstances of nepotism observed in the Foundation. He also demarcated community interaction as one of the things that the Cardano Foundation was supposed to handle but did not do. He stated:

“How does the community work with you like what is their ability to collaborate with you. If somebody has a project or they want to do something how do they contact the Cardano Foundation? how do they actually coordinate with you? There’s a litany of services that this organization should be providing to the community and they’re just simply not.”

Hoskinson felt very strongly about the duties neglected by the Cardano Foundation, stating that there was no way for the community to interface with them. He reiterated the fact that they were a community organization, stating that the people had expectations. He elaborated:

“People have put their money into this ecosystem. They have expectations of delivery. If you’re not willing to deliver, [and] you’re afraid of the risks associated with it, get your cowardly ass out of the f***ing organization. I have no respect or empathy because I have competitors.”

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