Bitcoin sees mainstream adoption with BTC donation to charity by UK MP

A United Kingdom Member of Parliament [MP] recently announced on Twitter that he used Bitcoin [BTC] for the first time. This represents a major move in the adoption of the cryptocurrency, as the MP utilized it to donate to a charity.

The MP, Eddie Hughes, is part of the Conservative Party in the UK in the Walsall North constituency. He donated an amount of $0.0040037 BTC, worth around 20 GBP, to a charity known as Royal National Lifeboat Institution [RNLI].

The charity in question is one of UK’s largest charitable organization and is focused on saving lives at sea. They operate lifeboats around the coasts of the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man, among others.

He announced the news of this on Twitter handle recently, stating:

“Just made my first #bitcoin transaction! Hopefully RNLI received 0.004BTC (about 20 quid) from me courtesy of @eToro via my new Samourai Wallet.”

Samourai Wallet’s official Twitter account also joined the discussion, asking the politician why he chose the wallet. The MP later revealed that he bought this Bitcoin from eToro, who recommended Samourai Wallet as one of the two products to use to store his BTC. He also said:

“I’m grateful because it proved to be a very straightforward process with your product.”

The adoption of Bitcoin by political figures represents a phase shift in the way the coin is perceived. While many of those in power today used to believe that Bitcoin was used for the propogation of illegal activities, the usage of the cryptocurrency by the politician shows that the perspective is changing.

However, Cobra Bitcoin, the handler of and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent, chimed in, stating:

“Bitcoin is for anarchists. If you are serious about Bitcoin, you should step down as an MP. Government is the natural and inevitable enemy of Bitcoin!”

User JGM stated:

“RNLI and SamouraiWallet – good choices! Next step: get a Trezor or Ledger (to own your own private keys so you actually own your XBT after trading to get it on eToro or better Bisq network or hodlhodl). Finally: ready for the separation of money and state?

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