Bitcoin Gold [BTG], Bitshares [BTS], and Bitcoin Private [BTCP] exchange wallets to be removed from Bittrex

Bittrex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that they will be removing Bitcoin Gold [BTG], Bitshares [BTS], and Bitcoin Private [BTCP] from their exchange wallet. In an official blog post, they stated that wallet removal was a routine part of their ongoing platform management which would ensure better performance and operational efficiency.

Users who have balance in the above-mentioned cryptocurrency tokens were asked to withdraw their assets before the 5th of November after which the assets would be unrecoverable. Furthermore, withdrawals will not be allowed for users whose balance is lesser than the minimum withdrawal limit.

Mojimax, a cryptocurrency investor from Iran stated:

“I doubt I’d be able to withdraw, me and at least a thousand other Iranians got blocked by bittrex and our coins got frozen no one has been able to withdraw their coins and now they are removing wallets, I think we have to say goodbye to our money”

Recently, Bitcoin Gold was targeted by an unknown party with a large amount of hash power. The 51% attack resulted in the hackers stealing $18 million worth of Bitcoin Gold from exchanges, which was stolen because of a double spending.

Suceeding this, Bittrex exchange requested BTG team to payback 12,372 in BTG because of the hack. However, the team refused to pay the exchange, which eventually led to the coin being delisted from the exchange platform.

In 2017, the Bittrex exchange platform had delisted Bitshares [BTS] after they realized that the operating costs were expensive. In addition, the exchange platform cosidered the operations of the BitShares node was a “very complicated task”.

According to Bittrex’s earlier statements Auroracoin [AUR], Bytecent [BYC], Credibit [CRB], OMNI and Spreadcoin [SPR] will be delisted from the exchange platform on 19th October 2018.

Recently, the Bittrex trading platform announced support for Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Tron [TRX], and Litecoin [LTC] in their USD market. Furthermore, the exchange platform has also listed Cardano [ADA] and Zcash [ZEC] along with USD pairs.

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