Bitcoin Cash [BCH] takes on Bitcoin [BTC] with release of new smart contract language Spedn

Bitcoin Cash [BCH], an offshoot of a protocol known for its non-support for smart contracts, recently had an addition that may allow it to support such contracts. This is the brainchild of developer Tendo Pein, who has now launched a high-level smart contract language known as Spedn for use with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

This comes after the May 2018 hard fork enforced the re-activation of several unique opcodes to the Bitcoin Cash network. Most famous of this is the OP_RETURN opcode, which is said to be the groundwork for a concept known as colored coins.

Pein, in a blog post, detailed his drive behind wanting to create the language. He, as a developer, had faced a lot of issues with Script, the programming language used to develop on the Bitcoin Cash network. He stated that he felt like it was a language made with “the sole purpose of making your brain hurt”.

This led to him finding the inspiration for Spedn, a programming language set to interface with Script, to make development for the BCH network easier. Moreover, this also opens up space for more complex smart contracts and brings along a host of improvements over using Script.

This includes the functionality of being statically typed, which allows it to detect many errors while compiling. It is also explicitly typed, leaving developers no guessing room to the return value, and is purely functional, meaning that it is free of side effects. Moreover, it also has a syntax similar to C, a programming language that many developers utilize or have utilized in the past.

This language can be used to execute a specific implementation of zero-confirmation transactions, as mentioned in its resources. The implementation is a proposal by developer Awemany, which is achieved through a procedure known as zero-confirmation forfeits.

This marks the birth of accessibility for building smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, even as the project is still in the working stages. This gives the network more utility for future implementation.

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