Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Bitcoin ABC speaks up against Nakamoto Consensus

The tension between the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC sub-communities has been spreading like wildfire. Recently, Calvin Ayre, who is the supporter of Craig Wright’s nChain implementation, posted a tweet opposing the opinion held by the Bitcoin ABC developers against Nakamoto Consensus. He stated:

“this is just retarded. Nakamoto Consensus will be proven to work and Dev’s will be forced to just watch…which is why they are trying to fool miners now. I will show them”

In the post published by, a question was asked by the Bitcoin ABC developers regarding their stance on the Nakamoto Consensus. The developers are believed to be against the Nakamoto consensus acting as the governance model for the BCH ecosystem after the upcoming fork. According to the team, the reason for this is that model can be used for a soft fork but not for a hard fork.

Conclusion by ABC developers | Source:

Conclusion by ABC developers | Source:

Many in the BCH community are expecting a hash war during the hard fork scheduled to take place in November. Regarding this, the developers stated that a hash war cannot be used to resolve an issue of such nature. Furthermore, a developer named Johnathan Toomim justified the statement and said that the hash rate distribution does not matter with hard forks with distinguished forking rule sets. This is because having separate forking rules leads to a persistent chain split, he mentioned.

Toomim also called the Nakamoto Consensus as ‘technically impossible’. He stated:

“whether or not we are willing to use Nakamoto consensus to resolve issues is not the issue right here. what the issue is, is that it is technically impossible.”

Amaury Sachet, a fellow developer also joined in and concluded that a set of incompatible forking rule sets will result in a permanent chain split. He added that the Nakamoto Consensus is misunderstood and requires to be re-read by the community.

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