Bitcoin [BTC] will “radically change the world”, global borders are dissolving, says prominent VC

Tim Draper, a prominent venture capitalist, recently spoke at the Crypto Invest Summit about how Bitcoin [BTC] is going to “radically change the world”. He also offered his thoughts on the usage Lightning Network, a second-layer solution utilized for the scalability of Bitcoin.

In the process of speaking about the change that Bitcoin would bring to the world, Draper commented on how geographic borders are failing due to the rise of the Internet. He also stated that this placed society on the cusp of radically changing the world, as there are fewer and fewer reasons to have “tribal governments” and “fiefdoms”.

He went on to call it a “new form of humanity”, stating:

“We have one of the great opportunities in the history of the world to take humanity to a new level to flatten the earth. To make the borders dissolve and to to give people credit for all the great things that they’ve done and to also take care of everybody who has the needs of being taken care of.”

Moreover, Draper stated that this could be done without politicians telling the people what to do and “printing our money”. Moreover, he entrusted the cryptocurrency “believers” to take up the responsibility and do so.

He went on to say that everybody was a “crypto expert” when the market is up, and there are “true believers” when the market is down. Moreover, he also reiterated the fact that Bitcoin’s price would hit $250,000 by 2022, stating that he could not make a short-term call due to his profession as a venture capitalist. He explained:

“If I were a journalist, I think I’d know what’s going on today, maybe I can project out a week or a month or six months. As a venture capitalist, everybody I meet is telling me what the future is going to be like five or ten years from now and so that’s kind of  where I can make my predictions.”

Draper also offered his opinions on the Lightning Network, which is widely considered to be the solution to the scalability on the Bitcoin network. He stated:

“With the Lightning Network coming you can you cando a bunch of micropayments and just put it into people’s wallets. Here’s your Bitcoin wallet here are your micropayments, let’s go.”

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