Bitcoin [BTC] mining giant Bitmain releases firmware to activate Overt-AsicBoost

Bitmain, which is based out of China and is the leading company in the cryptocurrency mining industry announced the activation of the Overt-AsicBoost technology through a new firmware. Previously, the company was using Covert-AsicBoost, unlike its competitor, Halong Mining, who recently activated the same technology and got an edge over its competitors. In its official Twitter announcement, Bitmain wrote:

“We’ve released new firmware to activate “Overt #AsicBoost” on the #Antminer S9. Firmware for other BM1387-based models coming soon. “

The basic difference between Covert and Overt-AsicBoost is that the former does not implement any transparency in the actions performed by the miners whereas the latter keeps the transactions cleaner by maintaining visibility.

On the news of the release of the new technology, Bitmain also stated that these changes are currently made in the chips based on BM1287 models that include Antminer R4, S9i, S9j, T9 and T9+. Through this, Bitmain claimed to boost the effectiveness of the chips produced by the company and look at long-term network performance and framework.

The mining company also clarified the reason for not taking this step previously. Here, Bitmain explained that AsicBoost had much negativity surrounding it in terms of legal reputation and functionality. Therefore, it decided against the activation of the technology in their products.

In its official blog announcement of the new release, Bitmain also mentioned its top priorities for its customers, i.e., future effectiveness and stronger network.

Patrick M., a serial entrepreneur and a techie on Twitter commented:

“So, if I understand correctly:
1. You intentionally disabled this feature before on all retail-purchased machines, to put miners at a disadvantage
2. You had this enabled on Bitmain-owned machines
3. A year later, you enabled it for end purchasers
This is ethical bus. practice?”

Another Twitter user and a blockchain space enthusiast, Eduardo Iturbe also mentioned:

“I did not find any new firmware on download page :(“

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