Bitcoin [BTC] investment journey and why Apple Co-founder sold all his coins

In a recent interview with Crypto Trader, Steve Wozniak, the Co-founder of Apple was asked to share his views on Bitcoin [BTC]. Here, he stated that he began investing in Bitcoin when the price was around $70. He further mentioned Mt Gox as the platform of contact for him to possess his first set of BTC.

However, the tech leader revealed that he never invested in Bitcoin to win the speculative market. The purpose of buying BTC was to experiment with the cryptocurrency. He added:

“I never thought oh I think this currencies gonna go up or up but no I want to learn how to buy things with it and how to sell things with it I want to find out how to use it as a person and experiment and then I never watched the price.”

Wozniak stated that he does not believe in stock investments and has never used the stock app of his own company, Apple. The logic behind this was stated to be the worry that comes with the investment activity.

After several years, Wozniak noticed the price of Bitcoin at $4,000 and then $20,000. However, he soon realized that his purpose of investment was not to win money but to experiment. This is when Wozniak sold all his Bitcoin but kept one to track its workings. In his words:

“Wait a minute that was not my purpose in life and I don’t want to be watching the price. I started feeling this sort of addictive behavior coming to me and so I sold it all but one. One’s enough to experiment.”

He further revealed that he wants to travel the world with nothing but Bitcoin. Later in the interview, he also shared his opinion on the fiat money being replaced with Bitcoin in the future.

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