Bitcoin [BTC] educator Jimmy Song says he prefers teaching over “contributing directly”

Recently, Bitcoin developer and educator Jimmy Song spoke about the conferences organized by him to educate the developers in the cryptocurrency space, in an interview with Crypto Insider.

The interviewer mocked Song saying “Those who cannot do, they teach” while asking him about the reason why he chose to educate rather than directly contribute towards the governance or the functioning of Bitcoin.

To this, Jimmy stated that he has been organizing two-day seminars in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. He felt that there was a lot to learn about Bitcoin and these seminars were solving that purpose. Elizabeth Stark was helping Jimmy in order to get scholarship funds which could be used to teach developers who could not afford his course. He added:

“I’ve been doing this for over a year now, I’ve taught over 400 people and they get to learn a lot about the needy-greedy of Bitcoin and what it’s all about”

Jimmy stated that he enjoyed teaching more than directly contributing to the Bitcoin community because over the past years he realized that there was potential for him to become the developer for the Core open-source projects but he realized that teaching was a better option.

He went on to say that one of the biggest shortcomings in the cryptocurrency space was that individuals did not understand the “material” followed by a shortage of people willing to teach it. This problem was addressed by Jimmy’s expertise to understand the basics and teach it to those interested in the cryptocurrency space. He added:

“I’ve been doing some form of teaching, not too often, but enough that I could potentially do something like that. And I quit my corporate job in the middle of last year and I started to do this”

Jimmy had organized 23 editions of his seminar over the past year and had been able to train over 400 people. According to him, the idea was that even if one out of either of those guys commits themselves for a year, “then I still come out ahead”. He added:

“I want to train the next generation of developers. I really mean “next generation”, I’ve taught people as young as 14 and all the way up to people in their 70s… it’s a lot of different people and getting to teach, that’s my mission: to make Bitcoin stronger by creating more developers”

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