Bitcoin [BTC] developer says “EOS is a scam” and the platform would not benefit new developers

Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, and an educator spoke about the young developers in the cryptocurrency space and the projects the new generation had to focus on, in a recent interview with Crypto Insider. He also gave his insight on the EOS platform and the other interesting projects which could attract new developers.

He started off by saying that “EOS is a scam” and he felt that working on the EOS platform would not benefit new developers.

Song added that new developers had to focus on open-source projects which would give them a lot of chances to learn about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Furthermore, developers in such open-source projects had a lot of experience and it is a desirable marketplace with incredibly rare people who could share their knowledge. He added:

“It isn’t that difficult to find someone that will hire you and a lot of these ICO projects will flush you with money but have no developers, and often times they will come and offer a lot of money”

According to Song, it was important for these young developers to clearly understand the platform they want to work towards, as EOS according to him would “will die in a horrible dumpster fire in the next five years”. Furthermore, joining an ICO would not benefit them or contribute to improving there records. He added:

“I think most people will do fine trying to learn, getting better and seeing what market opportunities there are. It might involve getting an entry-level job at certain Bitcoin-related companies, or it might be creating a new open-source project”

Jimmy further added that if he was a young developer entering the cryptocurrency space then he would definitely not work towards projects like EOS or ICOs. He would stick with Bitcoin and figure out a solid way of contributing to an open-source. He added:

“The nice thing about being young is that the world is your oyster, right? There’s a lot of opportunity”

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