Bitcoin [BTC] adoption in Australia rises as postal corporation adopts digital identity service, Digital iD

Australia Post, the government-owned corporation that provides postal services in Australia, recently reported that the postal corporation would use its digital identity service, Digital iD. The technology would enable users to access Bitcoin exchanges very efficiently.

Furthermore, according to the announcement, the “awkward selfies” for identity documents and waiting period for verification will be reduced.

Moreover, Australia Post’s main aim is to eliminate the waiting period for verification of an individual’s identity in order to use an exchange platform. Digital Surge, the Brisbane-based Bitcoin exchange platform, has become one of the early adopters of the Digital iD platform.

Director of Digital Surge, Josh Lehman stated that the new technology would enable users to sign up and use Bitcoin exchange platforms “faster than ever before”. Josh further added that the Digital iD platform would enable users to identify a potential Bitcoin buyer within minutes and that verification could take several days on other exchanges.

Lehman also mentioned that this would be the first time that an Australian could use their driver’s license or passport details to log in from their computer and purchase Bitcoin [BTC]. He added:

“We wanted to create an exchange that is safe, simple and quick to use, and Digital iD has enabled us to do that.”

Cameron Gough, the General Manager of Australia Post’s Digital iD, stated that technology could solve many problems and Digital iD gave its users more control over the personal data which they share with different organizations. Cameron added:

“For example, most people hand over their driver’s license to prove that they can legally go to a bar, but all that is needed is their name and date of birth, not the other information plus their full residential address.”

According to the report, Digital iD has also been working with various Australian companies, which includes Coinjar and Coin Loft. This could draw the confidence of potential investors who were earlier reluctant to undergo the questionable verification processes.

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