Altcoins Are Waking Up, Crypto Market on The Greens This Saturday

CoinDNA MArket Recap

The crypto markets are in a much better place today as the Top 100 crypto board is brightening up a bit with some greens. Although it has remained chained to its former level, the downward slide has been halted.

The market capitalization has risen from our last market recap with an additional $2 Billion and now at $209 Billion. The volume is still dropping though but the good news is that the BTC dominance seems to be going downwards apropos to the altcoins and is now at 53.7%.

Bitcoin is still on the same spot as yesterday. According to CMC aggregated data, it is at $6484 with a small 0.30% gain on the day. The volume is still worrying at $3.6 Billion although, on the 4-hour chart, the MACD is already seen to be rising from the bearish side and crossing over to the bull side. There’s no expected breakout yet, according to analysts, despite a couple of favorable institutional news that’s been recently popping on the news.

Ethereum, now at $204 has come down and is back to its price last weekend. The good news though, is that it’s on the green today and may be able to hold back the selloffs if the bears defend the support at $200.    

For the remaining Top 10 altcoins, they are all in green today except for Monero with a negligible loss. After yesterday’s drop, Stellar is leading the gainers at 3.62% and trading at $0.246. Cardano is at its back at 2.05%. Bitcoin Cash and XRP are both at a 1% gain on the day, and the rest are with a negligible (but still positive) gains at 0-1%.

For the coins and tokens on the Top 25, greens slowly defeated the reds throughout the Asian session. Binance Coin is the only remaining red with a very negligible loss today. Zcash is leading the recovery at 4.68% with its grip back on at $123.52. Dogecoin is slowly climbing out again after falling in deep for the past few days. It is now at 3.02% gains on the day and clawing back at $0.0045. Bitcoin Gold has managed 3.01% on the day and the rest are at 0-2% gains.

Further down below our Top 100 list, BAT has surged at 11.84% gain on the day and now trading at $0.244. It’s been several days since the new Brave Browser was launched with BAT integrated for tipping websites. BAT has been increasingly driving momentum and is up by 50% on the month. Aeternity is also back in the limelight again as it takes the second place in our top gainers today. On the day, it has gained 11.10% gain with price trading at $1.41. Just outside the double-digit gainers list are Bytom, Genesis Vision, WAX, and Nexo at 5-8% gain on the day. On the other end, we have Dropil dropping at -3.65% and Polymath losing at -2.38%. Polymath was our pump of the day yesterday. Outside of that, we have more greens than reds, and this might turn out to be one of the better weekends yet.

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