Walmart applies for patent to build blockchain-based force of robots

On a document published by the US Patent & Trademark Office [USPTO] recently, Walmart Stores Inc., an American multinational retail corporation applied for a patent that would allow the “in-field authenticating of autonomous robots.” The patent in question was submitted by the supermarket chain in the city of Bentonville, Arizona earlier in the year. The document states:

“The first authentication signal includes a first blockchain key and the second authentication signal includes a second blockchain key, the first and second blockchain keys are configured to facilitate confirming the identity of the first mobile autonomous electronic device and the identity of the second mobile autonomous electronic device.“

The document further states:

“The first mobile autonomous electronic device is configured to access delivery information from a distributed blockchain database in response to confirming the identity of the second mobile autonomous electronic device.”

According to the patent, Walmart plans to use a force of autonomous robots who will all be employed in making deliveries in a more efficient and effective manner. Sources suggest that Walmart plans to compete with Amazon in terms of the retail network.

The patent further discloses a system wherein several robots will be tuned to handle the transport and delivery of a specific package throughout the various legs of the supply chain. Following which, the system will be programmed to use wireless signals in order to communicate and verify the identity of one robot from the other.

Walmart believes that developing such a system would set it as a target for hackers and that is why a distributed ledger technology would come in handy, essentially safeguarding the system from a possible threat. The patent says:

“In some embodiments of described above, blockchain technology may be utilized to record authentication signals and identification information to facilitate or resulting from in-field authentication between autonomous electronic devices. One or more of the autonomous electronic devices described herein may comprise a node in a distributed blockchain system storing a copy of the blockchain record.”

It then goes on to add:

“Updates to the blockchain may comprise authentication signals or identification information, and one or more nodes on the system may be configured to incorporate one or more updates into blocks to add to the distributed database.”

Walmart had in the past applied for another patent system that involves the use of blockchain technology. This particular system ensured the locker space for packages were automatically reserved so that orders were made only in instances where there was enough capacity for a delivery.

Redditor, Rnssol commented:

“Such implementations of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are a sure step forward.”

Tinykisses19, another Reddit user said:

“They are falling behind because the competition on Robots is getting big and most people are getting ahead on its development.”

Redditor, Mmarkomarko added:

“Sounds like a plot for a bad dystopian sci-fi movie.”

Another Redditor, Gracesteel stated:

“I think this would be great but let it be safe.”

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