Taiwan Hospital Launches Online Blockchain Platform

Thailand’s Taipei Medical University has launched a new healthcare platform using blockchain technology, Taipei Times reports. The Healthcare Blockchain Platform is designed to improve patient referral services and integrate individual healthcare networks, making it easier to access medical care records.

“The Healthcare Blockchain Platform was developed as a one-stop referral and long-term care service in support of the government’s Hierarchical Medical System policy,” announced the Taipei Medical University.

The new platform stems from the collaborative work of more than 100 community-based clinics and is designed to address common stumbling blocks in the healthcare industry, including the physician referral process, data transferring between medical institutions, and personal patient portals.

Traditionally, patients depend on nurses at referral counters for assistance with such matters. Now, patients can log in to a password-protected mobile app to quickly make requests. Hospital superintendent Chen Ray-jade expressed excitement for the new project, particularly the fact that patients and medical professionals would no longer need to go through the tedious process of inter-hospital transfers.

The Healthcare Blockchain Platform also uses smart contracts to efficiently help hospitals and clinics request and authorize patient record sharing. Thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain, the new platform comes equipped with a number of security upgrades meant to protect private data.

Users of the platform “have a complete set of all their medical records, including high-resolution medical images, lab results, and clinical and health exam information,” writes Taipei Medical University.

Blockchain and Healthcare

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry through blockchain is becoming a growing point of focus for blockchain developers and medical professional alike. In a recent Deloitte Survey, 72 percent of blockchain-knowledgeable senior executives surveyed believed that blockchain would create a significant positive disruption in the medical industry.

Last week, healthcare service provider ALLIVE announced a new partnership with Ontology to create a medical resource blockchain platform complete with encrypted patient profiles, AI healthcare diagnoses and an integrated system for communication between patients, doctors, insurance providers and equipment manufacturers. ALLIVE’s partners, Ontology, emphasized the potential for the service to distribute healthcare universally:

“High quality medical resources are also often overconcentrated, which means in many countries popular hospitals are flooded with patients while others receive few …ALLIVE is able to provide users with convenient distributed medical services without any complex systems and technologies.”

ALLIVE’s mainnet is scheduled to launch during Q2 of 2019.

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