Stellar Lumens [XLM] sees a steady rise, cryptocurrency beats market expectations

The cryptocurrency market has been seeing something of a roller coaster ride, with the bullish and bearish trend appearing sporadically on the charts. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and EOS were sliding whereas coins like Ethereum [ETH], XRP were basking in the bull’s shadow and while Stellar Lumens [XLM] witnessed a steady rise.

At the time of writing, Stellar Lumens was going up by 1.40% with a total market cap of $4.864 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.258 with a 24-hour market volume of $58.253 million. The cryptocurrency which was maintaining its 6th position on the cryptocurrency charts was slowly gaining on the market cap of EOS, which was holding at $5.23 billion.

Binance held the majority of the XLM trade volume which stood at a staggering 19.59% for the XLM/BTC pairing and 15.38% for the XLM/USDT pairing. The trade volumes for both the pairings stood at $11.55 million and $9.07 million respectively.

Stellar has been one of the few popular cryptocurrencies that have maintained a steadfast position on the price charts, with the prices fluctuating between $0.2502 and its current price of $0.2579.

Recently, Stellar Lumens had created waves in the cryptocurrency market when it toppled EOS to become the 5th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. The overtake had happened on the back of a 26% jump in a 24 hour time period. Post the jump, fans of the cryptocurrency expressed their happiness on social media channels.

HardcoreStellarFan, a Redditor had said,

“Stellar is added on Circle. But more than that its a FOMO. Finally people started to realize the worth. This is just the beginning my friend. Just wait and watch. And DO NOT sell, there’s more to come.”

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