Ripple’s XRP and Cardano Riding The Waves, Bitcoin On Gradual Recovery

CoinDNA MArket Recap

In another *Bart move, the crypto markets have zigzagged back to a healthier green again, albeit not as big a wave as we would like. After yesterday’s $10 Billion drops from the market capitalization, it recovered slightly by adding back $8 Billion to the coffers. Overall, the crypto Top 100 board is mostly green with a dose of some good pumps and some equally bad dumps as well -in other words, business as usual.

The market capitalization is currently at $198 Billion at the time of this writing and the trade volume is at the same level as yesterday at $12 Billion. The BTC dominance has dropped down a notch at 55.2%.

Bitcoin has gone up by a hundred from yesterdays $6266 to $6337 at the time of this writing with a modest 0.83% gain. Its facing the $6400 resistance and according to technical analysis, it could have a problem on this level before it can see better growth in the short term. The trading volume is getting better at $4.4 Billion.

Ethereum, which is also facing more violent Bart moves, has gotten a bit better today with 
a 5.57% win and consolidating on the $210 levels. Eth will need to break the $216 and $220 resistance levels in order to go higher in the short term.

The Top 10 altcoins, which were all having a bad day yesterday, are back on the recovery road. Leading the pack is XRP which began pumping yesterday after we have published our market recap. Today, its on another pump at 18.03% and trading at $0.323. This comes on the heels of Ripple Labs announcing its xRapid liquidity platform which is set for next month. Cardano follows with an amazing 12.68% on the day. It is currently trading at $0.071. The rest are all doing good at 3-4% gain except Monero at 1.74%. Overall, its a good day for the Top 10 crypto.

Further down the list, TRON is doing nicely on our Top 25 gainers. It has boosted up to 6.53% today after the Binance exchange have announced support for its native BNB pairing. Tezos and Dash are both at 4-5% and the rest are generally faring well at 0-3% gains except Dogecoin at -2.68% loss on the day.

We have good pumps on the Top 100 being led by Chainlink at 18.29% on the day afyer getting listed on Bithumb. Maker is following at 12.46% gain on the day. Ardor and Dragonchain completes our double-digit gainer for the day at 11%. On the other side of the scale is Aurora which is still dumping hard on the second day at -30.08%.

In other news, according to a new report from the New York Attorney General’s office, even the exchanges themselves might put investors at risk. The office claims that crypto exchanges are unsafe for business, as they are at risk of market manipulation. The report came as an attempt of US regulators to increase crypto market oversight.

Read more: New York Attorney General: Crypto Exchanges Subject to Market Manipulation

*Bart pattern – the crypto trading theory that an increase in price will have an opposite decrease like the head and hair of Bart Simpson, the cartoon character.

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