LinkedIn Ranks Coinbase, Ripple and Gemini Among Top Startups of 2018

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has recently published its list for the top 50 startups for the year 2018. The list measures startups based on four categories: employments growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent. LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Daniel Roth stated that the list seeks to highlight breakthrough startups that can “scramble industries, alter how we work and live, and shift talent flows around the world.” Numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency companies were included in the list, including Coinbase, Ripple and Gemini.

Which Cryptocurrency Companies Made the Cut?

LinkedIn’s ‘Top 50 Startups’ list is comprised of leading companies formed within the last 7 years inside the US. More than 50 employees were in charge of collecting and analyzing data from LinkedIn’s 575 million members.

Leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was ranked third overall. LinkedIn praised the San Francisco-based exchange for its spectacular growth and rapid expansion. In its 6-year run, Coinbase has opened more than 20 million accounts—more than double the number of Charles Schwab. Coinbase is considered a prime platform for users to begin their cryptocurrency education.

“People come to Coinbase to earn their ‘MBA’ in crypto,” Coinbase told LinkedIn.

Third-ranked cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) placed seventh on the LinkedIn list. The list touts Ripple as “finance modernized”.

“Ripple uses blockchain technology to transform what had been a multi-day process into one completed in seconds,” writes LinkedIn. “The 6-year-old startup now has more than 100 customers, including massive banks such as Santander and Standard Chartered; it added two new customers a week last quarter.”

Ripple told LinkedIn that while other blockchain companies are “playing in the sandbox”, the San Francisco startup is focusing on growth. The company has more than 250 employees and aims to hire another 75 people by the end of the year.

Rounding out the top 25, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ Gemini exchange makes the list and is celebrated for its efforts in bringing cryptocurrency trading to the mainstream. The Winklevoss twins have been regularly making national headline news in recent months.

Despite another failed attempt at SEC approval for a Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, Gemini’s future looks bright, as they are rumored to be partnering with Nasdaq in launching Nasdaq’s cryptocurrency trading desk in 2019. Based in New York, Gemini currently has 150 employees. The company is reportedly planning on doubling the size of their staff in an effort to better meet regulatory demands for bringing cryptocurrency to Wall Street.

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Other blockchain-related businesses listed include Consensys, ranked 25th, and Axoni in 47th. Consensys is a Brooklyn-based company that serves as in incubator for projects and businesses based on the Ethereum blockchain. The nearly 1,000 employees working for Conensys are serving more than 50 major companies including Amazon and GlaxoSmithKline.

LinkedIn describes information and technology services company Axoni as one of the most “prominent startups in enterprise blockchain.” The New York-based startup aims to transform the infrastructure of financial markets and institutions through Distributed-Ledger Technology (DLT).

The Robinhood investment app, ranked 6th, was also praised for recently offering cryptocurrency trading options for zero commission fees.

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