IBM partners with HACERA Unbounded Registry, set to unleash the power of blockchain

On 13th September, IBM Blockchain announced on Twitter that they have joined the HACERA as a founding member. The HACERA is a platform that uses zero-knowledge proofs to resolve existing problems linked to privacy and data confidentiality.

The IBM blockchain which was created to track digital currency transactions through the collaboration with the HACERA Unbounded Registry aims to list all the ever-increasing blockchain consortiums, networks, and applications on the HACERA registry. The partnership seeks to build a registry, unlike the famed Yellow Pages that emerged in the 1830’s.

HACERA’s Unbounded Registry is all set to provide a decentralized method of registering, researching, linking and transacting data as it is built on blockchain technology. Furthermore, the registry will consist of data covering several blockchain solutions that have been created to interoperate with present day distributed ledger technologies consisting of a large user base.

The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, R3 Corda, EEA Quorum and Stellar Network are some of the distributed technologies that the collaboration has already considered to include into its realm.

Additionally, the Unbounded Ledger aims to provide a space for private networks to be listed and become publicly visible as the norm is typically for the public networks to become listed in a hassle-free manner. Jerry Cuomo, the Vice President of Blockchain Technologies, IBM stated:

“As a founding member of several consortiums and a technology provider for others, we are frequently asked questions such as, ‘As a supplier, how can I join the TradeLens trade digitization blockchain,’ and ‘what capabilities does LedgerConnect provide?”

He further added:

“Also, ‘is the True Tickets network running, and how do I list a new event?’ — By the way… the answer is yes, its running. With Unbounded, a solution user is one step closer to answering their questions themselves. “

According to IBM, through the use of HACERA’s Unbounded Registry, several problems such as the reserved naming and discoverability of networks, applications and consortiums could be resolved.

Furthermore, the addition of a catalog of domain-specific functions and services could be advantageous to individuals looking up the registry. Moreover, with an autonomous, open and shared blockchain-backed platform could benefit users in bootstrapping, launching and growing the blockchain community and ecosystem.

HACERA was supposedly one of the first few additions to the IBM Blockchain ecosystem when it first started out in 2016. According to Jerry Cuomo, IBM and HACERA have been engaged in improving their blockchain technology for some time now which included the release of the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in 2017.

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