Ethereum [ETH] Co-Founder plans to revolutionize the media industry with ‘Civil’

Day two of TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 conference in San Francisco saw the entire ConsenSys team that including Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin, Chief Strategy Officer Sam Cassatt, and Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Gutterman, speak on the company’s growth architecture, the price and the company’s new pet project, Civil.

Gutterman, who has helped in shaping ConsenSys into an entrepreneurial powerhouse, stated that with the advent of applications like Truffle and Metamask, the organization is heading for a staggering growth rate. Truffle is the most used Ethereum developmental framework while Metamask is a Google plugin that allows users to run Ethereum applications directly on web browsers.

Sam Cassatt added that Infura, a ConsenSys developed Ethereum access point has over 8 to 10 billion Application Programming Interfaces, a sign of the development rate. The officials from the organization also stated that ConsenSys has met its own needs instead of the markets’, making it a self-sustaining body that can cater to user needs.

Joseph Lubin elucidated on the sheer number of ideas present in the ConsenSys roster, revealing to users that there are over a hundred ideas waiting to be developed within the company. He also said that investing in new blockchain based ideas are detrimental to the growth of ConsenSys, looking for “new, cool Ethereum based projects”.

The Ethereum Co-Founder was candid in pointing out the scene change between 2015 and 2018, stating that when earlier he was considered a “crypto-anarchist”, people now looked at him as a tech disruptor.

Moreover, Lubin was confident in stating that ConsenSys was contributing to the blockchain story, bringing up another one of the company’s pet projects called Civil. It is a blockchain based project targeted at the media industry. The main functionality of Civil will be to make journalism completely legitimate and help in reporting facts and figures. The officials also said that features like permanent archiving and live tie-ups with media houses.

Amanda Gutterman broke down Civil for all the users and holders, saying that the project will enable any person to start their own newsroom and will also make journalism more robust. It will also give reporters and newsrooms a chance to reduce plagiarism and keep journalistic integrity at their core.

Lubin also spoke about how prices play a major role in determining the effect of a cryptocurrency in the market. He said:

“There is a reason why I am sitting in front of all you wonderful people. Ethereum is right up there on the list and that enables us to give you fantastic products.”

The officials went on to say that cryptocurrency price is also a factor in the talent pool that contributes towards a particular cryptocurrency: the better the price, better will be the pool.

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