Ethereum-based Ethfinex adds two content tokens; content industry blooms with blockchain advancements

On 20th September, the cryptocurrency trading platform Ethfinex made a Twitter announcement that it will be supporting ContenBox [BOX] and Content Neutrality Network [CNN] tokens for trading the USD and Ethereum [ETH] markets.

Both of these tokens are a part of the ecosystem where content solutions are built on the blockchain technology. In its official Twitter post, the trading platform informed its users that it will charge no fee for the added pairs for 3 days. Ethfinex wrote:

“Trading has been enabled for Contentbox (@Contentbox_one) and Content Neutrality Network (@CNN_Blockchain) against $ETH & $USD.// Trading for both pairs will have 0% maker fees on @ethfinex for the next 3 days!”

The two tokens were added on the exchange as the result of the Ethfinex Community Listing Vote. It built a voting application for the same purpose using Ethereum’s blockchain. The tokens that win through the community voting criteria also have an extra advantage of getting added on Bitfinex, along with Ethfinex. Furthermore, is the governance platform where the voting for Ethfinex takes place, as stated on the platform’s official blog.

The third token that won the listing was VideoCoin. Ethfinex has ensured that the token will be added on the platform as soon as it becomes available for trading.

The aim of these tokens is to revolutionize the content industry by powering it through the blockchain technology. CNN has also provided a model for the implementation of such a plan. CNN claimed that an India-based content portal known as NewsDog will be the first one to comply with CNN’s decentralized model.

Ethfinex is a newly launched spinoff of the popular cryptocurrency exchange called Bitfinex. Previously, Ethfinex stated that it uses the expertise of Bitfinex to generate capital with the additional feature of crowdsourcing useful cryptocurrency information on its platform. However, it also mentioned that it operates independently on the Ethereum blockchain.

There has been much excitement within the community regarding the new voting model introduced by Ethfinex. Prior to the results, a member from ContentBox posted on a Subreddit regarding the voting process. The user wrote:

“Dear ContentBox community,
Please help support us by voting for us on the Ethfinex community vote. We are currently number 1, but we have some strong competitors behind us.
To showcase our support for the project, we have also voted ourselves by purchasing EVT. You can see the tokens that we purchased at the following address…”

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