Enterprise Ethereum [ETH] Alliance receives a new player on their platform

On 30th August, the official Twitter handle of Wanchain Foundation, an interoperable blockchain with multi-party computing announced its cooperation to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA]. In the formal announcement of Wanchain, the Vice President of the company, Oliver Birch said:

“We are very happy to be a member of the EEA. The Alliance allows us the ability to work with industry leaders to address specific use cases. We look forward to helping the community by connecting the world’s digital assets.”

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is an initiative to connect the established industry institutions, such as Fortune 500 companies, startups, technology vendors as well as academics with experts on Ethereum’s subject matter. The alliance plans to stabilize the cost for local customers, introduce multiple vendor-support and interoperability through its testing and certification programs.

Some of the Fortune 500 companies associated with this alliance are J.P Morgan, Accenture, CME Group, Intel and Microsoft, Santander, Ernst & Young, Infosys, Shell Global Solutions International and many more.

About four months ago, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the launch of its EEA Stack, which is known to be the architecture for the era involving Web 3.0 or the 3rd generation of the Internet. Here, the most significant features that are focused on are decentralization and connective intelligence.

On the other hand, Wanchain is a blockchain platform that aims at providing security to its user-base in order to offer a smooth service for the exchange of digital assets. Wanchain also partnered with the Token Alliance only to ensure the sustainability of the token ecosystem.

Goran879, a Twitter user and blockchain-enthusiast on this announcement commented:

“Alliances, adoption and networking is the real fundament for every business development and finally success “

A Twitter handle named Earthship, regarding the price of the Wanchain token also wrote:

“Yet another reason for wanchain price to drop.”

Another blockchain-follower and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Redmundjones stated:

“The entry of Wanchain into Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is one the most significant moves that the budding startup can achieve…im excited for the cross-chain advancement opportunities that this opens up.. #Hodlwan”

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