Crypto Weekend Blues As Altcoins Dip Back And Top 10 Coins On Hold

CoinDNA MArket Recap

This Sunday, the crypto market made a small retreat as the crypto Top 100 board turns bearish once again. Its a mix of red and green with more reds overall. Still, it seems minor and thankfully, it has not dropped despite the weekend’s low volume.

The market capitalization is at $201.5 Billion, almost at the same spot where it was yesterday. The trading volume went a bit off tangent as it hit $10 Billion but still manageable for a sideways weekend volume. The Bitcoin (BTC) dominance has not moved a bit from yesterday and it seems that the altcoins were not able to get an upper hand this time.

The Bitcoin price is also almost on the same level when we reported yesterday and has managed to ward off the bears with a marginal -0.31% loss on the day. It is currently trading at $6506 at the time of this writing. There is no change in the resistance at $6720 though currently, it is having a hard time crossing the $6600 in the short term.

Ethereum is also fighting off the drop and is staying in the green as it moved forward over the weekend. Currently staying at $220 with 1.60% gain, its resiliency is impressive this weekend. Though, regrettably, it is still very far before we can pronounce a full and healthy recovery.

The Top 10 coins are feeling the weekend blues as most are hardly moving. Monero and Litecoin are the biggest loser with 2-3% loss between them. Stellar and Tether are a bit in the green but its marginal and can go either way. 

The Top 25 is a mix of reds and greens with Lisk, OmiseGo, and Zcash feeling the pinch. d has lost Tezos took a little break today and has lost -5.36% on the day after lording it over for the past weeks as it gained almost 50% due to its planned mainnet on Monday. Lisk has lost -4.42% on the day and trading at $3.35. OmiseGo has lost -3.96% on the day, and Zcash is on the same level as well with a -3.41% loss.

Dogecoin is back on the highlight and barking for attention once more at 2.28%, an impressive feat when there’s hardly a movement in the cryptosphere. VeChain is also one of the two who managed to snatch the green today at 1.02%.

Further down the list for our Top 100, Aurora is once again back with a 13.58% jump for the day. It is currently trading at $0.023. Aurora is our only double-digit gainer for the day as most of the coins and tokens who managed to be on the positive today stayed below the 10% range. Losses are heavy for Rchain who is one of our biggest gainer yesterday. Yesterday, it exchanged hands at $0.329 and now it is at $0.287, losing -11.02% on the day.

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