Coingeek says over 200 Bitcoin Cash [BCH] miners pre-registered ahead of SVPool launch

On 19th September, Calvin Ayre, the Founder of Ayre Group and Calvin Ayre Foundation, announced on Twitter that over 200 Bitcoin Cash [BCH] miners have pre-registered themselves to join the SVPool, ahead of its launch this month.

CoinGeek explained on its official website that SVPool will represent the “original Satoshi Nakamoto vision” through the Bitcoin SV implementation of the BCH protocol. It stated that SVPool is a personal innovative of nChain’s Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright.

According to CoinGeek, the pre-registration for the SVPool marks as a “sign of a growing appetite in the community” for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Furthermore, they said that the SVPool will be managed by CoinGeek Mining. The blog stated:

“[SVPool] will help and remunerate miners—large or small—to ensure BCH remains a truly trustless and decentralized system, in accordance with the original Nakamoto white paper.”

Presenting his opinion on the same, Ayre said:

“as we expected, the appetite is there for #SatoshiVision and #MinersChoice.”

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin Cash supporters have been debating about the upcoming hard fork scheduled for November 15th of this year. At present, the BCH community has understood that the altercation is between two groups, that are arguing on the features that will be on-boarded.

The Bitcoin ABC team is on one side of the debate while CoinGeek and Craig Wright’s NChain stand on the other side, with Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [SV].

The nChain development team has released an alpha version codebase and has started a Bitcoin SV mining pool, to allow people to directly hashrate to nChain. Recently, Coingeek and BMG pool managed to reach a height of 58% indicating that the two pools collectively control more than 5o% of the global Bitcoin Cash hash rate over the last week.

The primary reason why a chain-split was being considered in the community was due to nChain developers disagreeing with Bitcoin ABC on several terms. The biggest issue at hand is the Canonical Transaction Ordering [CTOR].

A BCH stress test conducted a few weeks prior, revealed that the network will not be able to operate beyond 20MB. However, nChain and Coingeek continue to support a 128MB block size limit, despite the BCH stress test revealing that, the network was unprepared for such kind of work.

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