Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson: “Unlike Elon Musk I need to go through a lot to get something approved”

In the latest Ask Me Anything [AMA] conducted by Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder of IOHK went on to speak about how peer review systems are important in developing a network and that it has to go hand in hand with speed and developmental accuracy.

The AMA also threw light on the lifestyle and social media patterns that Hoskinson follows, also citing his recent Twitter exodus. The Co-Founder had left the social media platform after a maelstrom of tweets and trolls. He had stated:

“I have very limited time. I run an international company. We operate in 16 countries… I travel dozens of places every single year and if I have a simple question for a company, a very small company of just a few people whom I assume … run their Twitter feed and I get a response where an article is written that I’m a monster, if there’s a top-rated cryptocurrency Reddit post about how bad of an actor I am… What’s the value of this platform.”

He also went on to speak about how some developers considered peer review systems as a waste of time whereas he regarded them as a crux function in the development of any new software. Hoskinson went on to say that the different stages in a peer review system ensured that any mistake that is present even in the primary stages can be rectified and then presented properly.

He also added that he was not the sole proprietor of ideas and that he could not take the final decisions without going through the other Co-Founder, Jeremy Wood.

Charles Hoskinson made it clear that at IOHK, the decisions were not taken by just one person, hinting at Elon Musk, and emphasized that his organization follows the policy of discussion on repeated layers.

He said:

“As an entrepreneur, it is super important to have people who can say no to you.”

The Co-Founder further stated that the focus now is on building protocols rather than products, giving the analogy that protocols will stay for generations to come while application layer softwares have an expiry date. Hoskinson said:

“Protocols don’t come along very often, so why should we constrain something that will be around for decades to the same forces and factors [that are applied] with a cellphone app.”

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