Brendan Eich’s Brave Browser Reaches 4 Million Monthly Users

Last week, cryptocurrency-powered Brave Browser announced that it had reached 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. Brave CEO Brendan Eich has since published new stats showing that Brave Browser is now being used by 4 million monthly users. The platform is also hosting 21,000 verified channels and 26,000 publisher accounts.

Brave is a San Francisco based start-up founded by JavaScript coding language and Mozilla creator Brendan Eich. The company brands itself as being on a mission to fix the web. Brave is an open-source platform designed to offer secure browsing and unparalleled support for content creators by offering an innovative attention-based ecosystem of rewards. Last month, Brave announced that it would begin including popular cryptocurrency tipping functionality for content posted on social media platforms Reddit and Twitter.

Last month, Brave announced that it was supporting more than 13,500 YouTube channels, 5,300 websites and 1,100 Twitch streamers through its BAT rewards payment system. Eich had predicted that Brave would reach 5 million users by the end of 2018 in July, but given the way Brave is currently trending, that number appears to be a significant underestimation.

What makes Brave so appealing is its selective browsing design. Brave Browser allows users to selectively block ads while also giving them options to receive Brave BAT token rewards for viewing and creating content. Brave serves as part of the coming Web3 revolution, which seeks to drive the Internet away from the current Internet’s invasive ad-based revenue model through blockchain. Brave’s BAT rewards program is helping YouTube and Twitch content creators generate profit outside of advertising. Its tipping and rewards system bears a striking resemblance to the popular Steemit Smart Media Token (SMT) program.

“We have to disconnect the bad system,” said Brendan Eich. “I talk about putting chlorine in the pool.”

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