Brave Browser Launches Trial for Relevant Public Advertisement Program for MacOS

Brave Browser has announced the launch of a trial run for its relevant public advertisement program for MacOS users. The program is intended to help calibrate Brave’s machine learning advertisement model, which will serve to provide users 70 percent of the ad revenue for viewing content on the fully launched Brave browsing platform. The new trial will last for 28 days.

“We are developing a system that selects relevant advertisements to display and times when to display them, while protecting user privacy and securing browsing history on the device,” announced Brave. “To do this, we are asking for a small number of people to use the 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave and to answer questions about their experience.”

Participants in the experiment have been assured that their personal data will not be transmitted outside of the Brave private network. Brave will be tracking all URLs visited (unless they are visited in a private tab), information about when the browser is being used, location of current WiFi network, public IP addresses and viewed advertising content. Each participant will be given a random identifier which will keep their real world identities hidden. Those participating in the experiment are free to quit at any time, and all personal data will be deleted after 1 year.

“We will process these personal data in the United States, using services certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, which provides safeguards intended to be equivalent to those provided in the EU,” reads the announcement.

The fully launched Brave Browser will offer opt-in ad viewing rewards directly delivered to users in the form of BAT tokens. Users will be given 70 percent share of the ad revenue from viewed content. Brave plans to also reward its users with 15 percent of ad revenue from traditional ‘publisher ads’ placed on websites. It has yet to be announced whether or not participants in the trial will be receiving any rewards.

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About Brave

As reported by Unhashed earlier this month, recent statistics show that Brave currently has over 4 million users and is hosting 21,000 verified channels and 26,000 publisher accounts. The San Francisco-based company is founded by JavaScript coding language and Mozilla creator Brendan Eich. Its selective browsing design is intended to completely revolutionize the traditional Internet revenue model. Brave’s BAT tokens are designed to have relatively low volatility to maintain the stability of the platform’s rewards program.

The company brands itself as being “on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience – while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.”

While Brave largely stands alone its unique approach to online browsing, other large browsing platforms have recently begun to show interest in entering the cryptospace. Most notably, Opera announced recently that its desktop browser will soon feature a built-in Ethereum wallet which will allow users to make transactions using Ethereum tokens and collectables. The announcement came in the wake of an overwhelmingly positive response for the company’s crypto wallet for Android first launched in July. Opera also features an anti-cryptojacking service and a built-in cryptocurrency price converter. The company received a $50 million dollar grant from the global powerhouse crypto-mining corporation Bitmain during its IPO in late June.

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