Bitcoin Cash proponent Calvin Ayre dissing Bitmain; an insider look into the BCH meetings

On 1st September, Calvin Ayre, the Founder of Ayre Group and Calvin Ayre Foundation, and a Bitcoin Cash proponent released a post talking about the recent matter of the Bitcoin Cash split. In the blog post, he mentioned a brief history of the hard fork of Bitcoin. He also criticized Bitcoin ABC and its new idea of Wormhole implementation. Here, he blamed the mining company Bitmain, calling it an ally of the blockchain firm Blockstream.

Ayre stated that the model of Wormhole is economically flawed as it follows the idea of destroying BCH to create tokens, which is ‘counter-intuitive’. He wrote:

“Nobody destroys gold or silver in return for something else… rather, we sell it for something else. This economic model will cannibalize and kill Bitcoin entirely.”

In regards with the Proof-of-Stake protocol, Ayre mentioned that Bitmain could possibly use it in Wormhole to have a grip over the system and the pre-existing tokens that have already been issued by the party. Taking the allegations further, the businessman said that this plan is wrong for the miner community, hence, it will recognize the flaw in Wormhole before it is too late.

Ayre also shared his views consisting of the mining giant Bitmain being involved in shaping a conspiracy with Blockstream. Blockstream is a provider of blockchain technology that also pays attention to the areas of counterfeiting frauds, maintaining transparency, security and confidentiality in the space.

Post the quick summarization of the Bitcoin Cash history, Ayre mentioned about a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand that originated from the current complications related to the split. He stated that several meetings were dedicated to miners only, although nChain is also a developers group. nChain is a blockchain based company which is also the opponent side of the BCH split war.

Another set of meeting that happened involved Bitmain, Bitcoin Unlimited and nChain members. Ayre stated that Bitmain was the only party to refuse to side with Satoshi Vision and Miners Choice. Aiming sarcasm at Bitmain, he wrote:

“Miners Choice is bad for miners and Satoshi got this wrong. Close your eyes, pucker your lips, hum Kumbaya and release your destiny to the warm embrace of brother Jihan.”

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