Bitcoin Cash hard fork: Roger Ver says, there were no technical arguments during the BCH split

On the latest episode of Bitcoin Cash news, Roger Ver, CEO of, Mike Malley, Advisor to and Hayden Otto, Crypto Strategies YouTube Creator and BCH Advocate spoke about certain events in the Bitcoin Miner meeting. They also gave some insights about the hard fork/upgrade on 15th November.

Roger Ver, an investor in Bitcoin startups, spoke about the hard fork where he stated, the upcoming hard fork on November 15th was mandatory because the code was written in such a way that an upgrade had to take place. It was still unclear about what exactly the hard fork would do.

After Craig left the Bitcoin Miner meeting, Mike and Hayden spoke to him privately for almost an hour. Craig told them that his decision for the 15th November hard fork was very essential. He was very adamant about his claims and stated that he had enough hash rate to support the new upgrade.

Roger spoke about an interesting discussion in the meeting were many individuals shared a viewpoint to never split the chain and allow the minority hash rate to hard fork. He replied that the splitting off of Bitcoin Cash was only possible because of the minority dissenters with a minority hash rate and a minority market share.

He further added:

“If it wasn’t for those people willing to dissent with the minority hash rate, Bitcoin cash would never exist”

Roger claimed that there were no technical arguments put forward in the whole meeting against the hard fork of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin unlimited. He further added:

“the only person that would have been willing to make those technical arguments left the room on the first day within like the first half-hour and that was really disappointing”

They also spoke about one of the major disagreements, which is NChain 128MB block size increase, whereas the Bitcoin ABC group was still on the 32MB block size. Roger stated that Bitcoin ABC wanted to go to 128MB next year in the month of May and was not ready to do the same during November.

“we’re not ready to do that in November but it’s on the roadmap… there was not a single person that said 32 megabytes is the right block size for the end of time”

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