Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network gets a new feature that has a censorship resistant file storing system

Recently, Simple Ledger Protocol [SLP], a protocol that issues security tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain added a new feature to the Bitcoin Cash network. The implementation known as the Bitcoin Files Protocol [BFP] is a file storage system that allows users to upload and download small-sized files from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

The Bitcoin Files Protocol is said to be a decentralized and inherently censorship-resistant file storing system that permits organizations and entities to seamlessly share files and other information over the Bitcoin Cash Network. When a user uploads a file over the network, individuals can download it by providing a transaction ID.

BFP was created by Simple Ledger Protocol programmers including Kames Cramer, a Bitcoin Cash Programmer. Cramer stated:

 “SLP Token V1 has two fields in its Genesis transaction called `token_document_url` and `token_document_hash`. These fields allow any additional token related data to be attached to a token”

According to Cramer, the idea behind BFP was to allow users to upload a file from literally anywhere in the cloud storage platform with the URL and the hash, effectively storing it there permanently.

Cramer further stated:

“It turns out very few cloud storage services permit anonymous file uploads with URL for sharing with others.”

The programmer confirmed that the development team will soon provide users with a download tool in a future edition of the Electron Cash SLP. This tool will permit users to directly download files to their computers by adding the transaction ID of the file on the user’s desktop.

Furthermore, the Simple Ledger Protocol developers are in the process of making a website called that would allow users to upload and download files through a web browser. The developers also stated that they would be creating a Javascript software development kit for the website.

A Redditor named RudiMcflanagan commented:

 “Putting immutable and un-censorable messages permanently on a globally distributed blockchain with built-in timestamps and proof of existence – This shit is seriously lit af.”

Another Redditor named MrNotSoRight said:

 “This is amazing. Finally, a way to safely store small files permanently.”

Hapticpilot, a Reddit user said:

“If the miners mine your transactions into a block, then it’s your right to do stuff like this however, this is a really terrible use of the blockchain. You can only practically store very small files; it’s not at all scalable. And it’s totally unnecessary for the data to be recorded in a blockchain.”

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