Bitcoin cash [BCH] community discusses change in the consensus rules: CTOR vs TTOR

According to a recent post on Nchain’s official website, the team has evaluated the Canonical Transaction Ordering proposal [CTOR]. It was developed to alter the ordering of transactions within blocks on the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network. The report stated that the CTOR proposal would not be implemented on BCH due to an insufficient demonstration of the CTOR proposal.

The report stated that the BCH block currently used Topological Transaction Ordering [TTOR] which is a loose form of partial ordering. CTOR proposal seeks to change the ordering of transactions within a block, where the first transaction is a Coinbase Transaction and the rest of the transactions are alphabetically sorted with the help of a transaction ID. The report further stated that the CTOR proposal claims to have several advantages over TTOR.

However, CTOR faces significant opposition and many individuals in the community are against its implementation. There have been continuous discussions for and against CTOR in the BCH community, some of the major arguments revolve around the scalability and sharding issues.

Tom Zander, Founder of Flowee the Hub, argues against CTOR as a prerequisite to sharding, and that sharding can be achieved without affecting the consensus rules. Andrew Stone, Lead Developer at BitcoiUnlimited, argues that the sharding proposal from CTOR neither requires CTOR nor solves the motivating scalability concern, thus making CTOR unnecessary for network optimization.

Whilst the goal of scaling is to handle increased transaction volumes, the CTOR proposal has no concrete evidence which can prove that CTOR lowers the utilization of computing resources, nor does it demonstrate clear scaling benefits. Furthermore, the CTOR proposal authors have not provided any test metrics or instrumentation data based on a comparison of TTOR and CTOR node strategies. There is also no conclusive argument which states that future scaling could only be achieved through a consensus change.

According to the post, while some of the CTOR proposal’s goals are admirable, there is an insufficient demonstration about the goals which can be achieved by the implementation of CTOR. Additionally, there is a significant associated risk in implementing CTOR as it requires a highly contentious consensus change, without any proven benefit. For these reasons, Nchain believes that CTOR proposal should not be implemented.

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