Bitcoin [BTC] will be $250,000 by 2022, says Tim Draper

Tim Draper, one of the famous venture capital investor was recently present at an interview conducted by Forbes along with his son Adam Draper.

The interview covered their views on how Bitcoin [BTC], cryptocurrency, and blockchain could change the developing world. Both Tim and Adam have been promoting Bitcoin from its early stages. Tim Draper is also the founder of the Draper University and had acquired 40,000 BTC during the silk road collapse in 2014. Adam is the Managing Director at Boost VC which aims at investing in Bitcoin startups.

Both Adam and Tim were asked to state their views on the new cryptocurrencies entering the market. Adam opined that it was amazing to see so many entrepreneurs working towards changing the world with the help of decentralization. According to Tim, it was a mix, some cryptocurrencies could have a profound effect on the government and industries. He added that the rest was just a copy of Bitcoin and had no reason to exist.

The duo was also asked to share their perspective on the existing problems in the blockchain technology platform. Adam spoke about the problem of providing true value to its consumers without any errors and the usability of the products. Tim opined that Blockchain technology was a very creative platform and needed more time to mature. Tim stated that he would want to make all his payments through BTC so that all the accounting could directly be done on the blockchain. He added:

“I look forward to seeing geographic borders dissolve around the world”

Another topic of discussion was how the blockchain platform would look like by 2022 or beyond. Adam stated that nobody would use the words cryptocurrency or blockchain in the future because it would be integrated into all technologies by then. He added:

“The same way that no one says, ‘I am starting an internet company’, even though every startup is one”

According to Tim’s prediction, Bitcoin [BTC]’s price would surge to $250,000 by the end of 2022. Furthermore, there would be a major shift over the next four years where Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart contracts could improve the quality of doing business.

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