Bitcoin [BTC] node developed by security software veteran to be sold on Amazon

According to a recent report by Nasdaq, Com-Guarddotcom Inc. announced that they will be selling their new DataCrypt Bitcoin Node on Amazon. This will give the company access to over 310 million active Amazon customers.

Com-Guarddotcom is a technology company which aims to design and develop security applications to stop tampering and unauthorized use of computers.

Moreover, Com-Guarddotcom aims to standardize the Raspberry Pi Development Platform with the help of Linux based Software and ARM Architecture Hardware. They claimed to implement the Blockchain Software on the Raspberry Pi platform for high-performance solutions at a low cost.

Dr. Edward W. Savarese, CEO of Com-Guarddotcom, stated that the company had recently developed their expertise in using the Raspberry Pi line, a credit card sized computer that can function as a normal desktop computer or be used to build smart devices. They also configured a Bitcoin Full Node on the blockchain.

He further added:

“The objective is to configure a solution so that the end user will not have to be a Computer expert to implement it on the Bitcoin network and deliveries are expected at the end of the calendar fourth quarter 2018”

Dr. Savarese opined that it was very important for the Bitcoin network to run on full nodes. This would ensure a secure and decentralized network. He added:

“If you’re a service provider or a volunteer, Raspberry Pi 3 provides a cheap way to access and maintain the full blockchain and contribute to overall security and performance of the network”

Com-Guard, Inc. is a pioneer developer in the security software market for over 15 years and a trusted developer for the fastest growing mobile platforms. Some of the platforms they develop include iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the company aims to use ComputerSafe, an application designed for the Windows platform, in order to create secure applications for the mobile and netbook markets.

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