Bitcoin [BTC], Monero [XMR], Ethereum [ETH] worth $8 million confiscated; Darknet vendor commits suicide

In a recent report, U.S District Court of Eastern California’s Fresno courthouse had recently wrapped up a criminal case. The federal courthouse had charged Alexandre Cazes from AlphaBay with money laundering, drug trafficking, and conspiracy on the darknet marketplace.

AlphaBay is a hidden website which serves as a marketplace for illegal goods, users all around the world could purchase malware, controlled substances, chemicals, guns, stolen financial information, and counterfeit documents.

Alexandre Cazes, a Canadian national was accused of allegedly being the main leader of Alphabay and was later arrested in Thailand. The federal court also claimed to prosecute many other vendors who were involved in such activities on the darknet.

The recent report stated that the AlphaBay hidden website could only be accessed on the dark web through “The Onion Router” network, which was designed to conceal the true IP addresses of the computers on the network. It was also mandatory for users to transact in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin [BTC], Monero [XMR], and Ethereum [ETH].

Cazes was accused of overseeing AlphaBay’s operations from the beginning and he controlled most of the profits generated from the business, furthermore, he was allegedly collecting commissions worth millions of dollars through the illegal transactions facilitated by AlphaBay. The Fresno courthouse had wrapped up the case and seized Alexandre’s luxury cars and cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars.

AlphaBay servers and Cazes were neither caught on American territory nor was Cazes an American national. However, American prosecutors wanted Cazes extradited to the United States only because some of the crimes committed by him was on the American territory. Alexander committed suicide in a Thai jail a few days after he was arrested.

According to the US law enforcement agency, Cazes had about $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Some of the digital assets he owned included BTC, XMR, ETH, and ZEC. They confiscated his property around the world which added up to $12 million. The international police also took Alexandre’s BMW motorcycle, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Reportedly, Prior to Alexandre’s prosecution, the United States law enforcement agents were making undercover purchases of controlled substances like marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine. They also purchased fake identification documents and an ATM skimmer from AlphaBay vendors in order to understand its operations.

Law enforcement realized that Alexandre’s personal email was included in the header of AlphaBay’s “welcome email” to new users. After further investigation, the prosecutors realized that Alexandre was the main culprit who was behind the Alphabay operations.

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