Bitcoin [BTC] developers eliminate a DoS vulnerability; bug fix sees success

On 18th September, the owner of, who goes by the Twitter name Cobra tweeted about a hazardous bug which was found and fixed on Bitcoin Core. He stated that the bug had the potential to harm a large portion of the Bitcoin network on exploitation. In his words:

“A very scary bug in Bitcoin Core has just been fixed which could have crashed a huge chunk of the Bitcoin network if exploited by any rogue miners.”

The same day saw the release of Bitcoin Core 0.16.3, wherein the updated version was said to be free of the exploitable bug which was found in the versions 0.14.0 and 0.16.2. Furthermore, the bug was believed to cause a vulnerability known as CVE-2018-17144 [Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures], which was simply a DoS [denial-of-service] attack.

Snapshot of BTC update | Source:

Snapshot of BTC update | Source:

The issue caused by the bug in the previous versions of Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 was related to transactions attempting to execute the same input twice. According to Github, the operation would have crashed if the user attempted to validate the parent block of such transactions.

As of the compatibility of the versions of Bitcoin Core with operating systems, the Github blog mentioned Linux kernel, macOS 10.8+, and Windows Vista and later versions to be the suitable choices to run the protocol. However, Windows XP does not support the BTC protocol and may or may not run on Unix-like systems as the testing does not take place frequently on those platforms.

About the bug fix, a user named MarcoFalke on Github confirmed:

“Checked that the test fails without the fix and passes with the fix.”

CryptoBunny007, a Twitter user and a Bitcoin enthusiast, on Cobra’s post commented:

“Forget about the BUG for a moment, but just go through the PEER REVIEW & the VERIFICATION done by respective Developers/QAs. It’s just AWESOME. I haven’t seen such a STRONG DEVELOPMENT & QA Team in any PROJECT. Also, look at the logs, thy r just beautiful. “

Another Bitcoin fan and blockchain space enthusiast, RoadStress wrote:

“Perfect example that there are no rogue miners in the #bitcoin network”

Recently, Riccardo Spagni, a core team member of the privacy coin, Monero, revealed that he chose Monero because it was not based on the Bitcoin code. Furthermore, he also stated that cloning or forking Bitcoin did not make sense to him as it was not an interesting task to do. Rather, he found Monero’s code fresh but was relatively immature.

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