Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies discussed by Nathaniel Popper; Jimmy Song responds

On 12th September, Nathaniel Popper, a Journalist at the New York Times shared tips on how to keep a check on cryptocurrencies that experience great volatility in the market. The writer also discussed investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if he had the ethical freedom to do so. Jimmy Song, a popular Bitcoin developer shared a remark on Twitter regarding Popper’s views on the subject. He said:

“Great reason to get into Bitcoin. You can spend lots of time finding a “good” interest rate that doesn’t even keep up w/CPI and do this every 6 months. Or you can put it into Bitcoin and not think about it for 5 years. The returns on BTC are likely to be much higher.”

In the blog post, Popper explained his stance on the cryptocurrency market. When it comes to investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, he does not hold much belief in the idea. He further stated that he does not recommend people, who seek an opinion, to invest in cryptocurrencies. According to him, the prices of all of the existing digital tokens hold a high chance of nulling.

However, for the people who possess an honest interest in the workings of crypto-tokens, such as transactions via shared ledgers and a decentralized power unlike the traditional banking system, he recommends starting off with a small investment.

The Fintech reporter also dropped some tips on the tools that can be used to track these highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Here, he mentioned the popular data collector online portal called CoinMarketCap. Furthermore, a website named Onchainfx was stated to be his personal favorite.

When asked about his favorite tech-tools that make his life easier, he answered by naming Evernote and Instapaper. Popper also revealed that he has written several articles and a book on his phone while traveling. This attracted multiple Twitter comments from the writers in the blockchain space.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain expert, Laura Shin, on the Popper’s Twitter post commented:

“I love that you write so many articles and wrote your book mainly on your phone! I write a lot of interview questions on my phone ( just did that this morning!), but only occasionally write articles on my phone — will have to try that more often …”

Another reader and cryptocurrency space follower took to the Twitter thread and wrote:

“it’s cool that you wrote a lot of your book on your phone. I read your book on my phone.”

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