Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] trade support announced by Plutus’ trading platform PlutusDEX

On Thursday, 20th September, Plutus announced that the company’s PlutusDEX trading platform now offers support for Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] trade. The latest addition gives users the chance to rapidly exchange their digitals assets for Euros or cryptocurrencies.

Danial Daychopan, CEO and Founder of Plutus said:

“This new expansion to our trading platform will allow users to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum while taking advantage of market highs and lows. The transactions will be quick and easy, with the purchased crypto available in your account to spend all over the world.”

The company has also announced that during the beta testing, registered members of PlutusDEX can use the feature free of cost. The fee structure and its implementation will take place once the beta phase is over.

The company’s latest development comes in the wake of its association with the Single Payments Area [SEPA]. SEPA is a payment integration initiative of the European Union for the simplification of bank transfers denominated in Euro.

Plutus has also been in the news after Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder of Ethereum elucidated on the blockchain language. The computer scientist called it an attempt at understanding the triangle- the client, the server and the blockchain side. He also said that Plutus is expected to enable a model where almost everything can be run on specialized languages like Haskell.

The Co-Founder had also earlier informed users that the project’s team has been growing steadily with plans to integrate several specialized languages to make the platform bigger and better. Hoskinson had also stated that Cardano will have its own ERC20 style standard with IELE and KEVM being supported at the moment.

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