Another Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent grilled in Blockstream fire, Togami strikes again

Earlier this week, another battle emerged online when Blockstream VP Warren Togami shot a bullet at Roy Murphy, a Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent and computer scientist who claims to be building “bCommerce solutions”. In August, Murphy claimed on Twitter that all the founding members, such as developers, contributors and adopters of Bitcoin have shifted to support Bitcoin Cash.

Here, Togami had also responded, stating that Murphy’s claim was a display of the laziest kind of BCH marketing fraud. According to him, Murphy claimed to be a founding member of Bitcoin with no evidence. In his response, Togami also dropped a mock suggestion wherein he told Murphy to conduct a basic research before committing fraud.

On 16th September, the Blockstream member also wrote:

* Weird replies from other accounts is quite plainly sockpuppetry to raise profile.
* Posts a bunch of easily verifiable lies and claims to be a victim of personal attacks when people point it out?
* Fake politeness when caught in the weird Fedora package manager lie.”

Another blockchain space follower and cryptocurrency enthusiast, nic carter also commented:

“great work exposing this fraudster. most likely he was paid to posture as an early bitcoiner with the technobabble and the gish galloping. I know debunking frauds is a lot of work but it’s worth it.”

Blockstream is a blockchain security firm headed by Adam Back. Earlier this year, the company was alleged of hiring a former US national spy, Bill Scannell to conduct secret intelligence and counterintelligence operations in the Bitcoin community. Moreover, there were claims that the CSO of Blockstream, Samson Mow was often spotted around Scannell, thus, the allegations regarding the spy theory emerged in the blockchain space.

This is not the first time that the Blockstream official has taken a hit on Bitcoin Cash. In the recent past, Togami had criticized the cryptocurrency by pointing out its low hashrate and number of confirmations on the exchanges. In his tweet, he clarified that a low hashrate in the ecosystem could lead to a dangerous mining scenario by making it vulnerable to a 51% attack. Furthermore, he stated that the cryptocurrency only undergoes one confirmation, whereas a safe scenario suggests 6+ confirmations by the exchanges to avoid double-spending.

In July, the official Twitter handle of Bitcoin Cash also charged an attack on Blockstream’s CEO Adam Back wherein the account uploaded a controversial screenshot. Here, Back was behind Cobra, the owner of, to acquire his online portal. Back was also found stating: “bcash is idiotic, centralised // sold through brand confusion and misleading practices”.

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