ZenCash [ZEN] becomes the largest node network with over 17000 nodes

ZenCash [ZEN], a fork of Bitcoin code and a privacy coin, has become the largest node network. At present, the coin has over 17000 nodes, making it the largest cryptocurrency network.

ZenCash on Twitter announced:

“17,000 and Counting! ZenCash is now the largest #crypto network with over 17,000 #nodes.”

The largest network node makes the coin more resilient to hacks and power failures. It also protects the voting system from outside interference. The team considers nodes to be more important than hash power as they ensure that the actors are “behaving properly”.

The team stated:

“The massive network is integral in developing dApps by harnessing large amounts of computational power & bandwidth. Having many nodes is essential to a safe and secure network. Nodes ensure that all the ZenCash’s consensus rules are being followed and can reject blocks that do not comply with the rules.”

The team has been constantly working on improving the ecosystem and the platform. They have been striving to do so by conducting community pools, having Reddit discussions and analyzing the market including the competitors.

The digital currency will be mainly focusing on maintaining system and operational products, implementing protection against 51% attacks, evaluating ASIC resistance options, developing sidechain solutions and looking into the off chain challenges for this year. The team is half-way through completing the important projects.

Moreover, the mandatory software upgrade took place a few weeks back which was perfectly carried out, according to the team. The upgrade included the addition of a new code class, SuperNode. The addition of the SuperNode would make the coin an application-ready platform on which services can be built than limit to being a simple cryptocurrency.

This would also be beneficial to the operators as they would receive 10% of the balance share out of the block rewards. The team aims to have about 20000 to 25000 SuperNodes.

Arithra Menon, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Congratulations for the team. This is a wonderful achievement. Hopefully they will become one of the top coins in the crypto-market soon.”

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, ZenCash [ZEN] was ranking at the 75th position. The coin was valued at $21.02 with a market cap of more than $93 million The coin has seen a significant dip of more than 12% in the past 7 days.

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