Yahoo Finance Offering ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ Options for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Popular financial news website Yahoo Finance has now integrated ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ trading options for cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. While many ordinary web users have likely forgotten about Yahoo following the rise of Google, Yahoo Finance has remained the most popular personal finance website in the United States, with approximately 70 million monthly users.

Yahoo Finance will be partnering with Coinbase and Robinhood, who will act as third-party brokers for the site’s cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions on Yahoo will still require users to have an account with one of the aforementioned brokers, as Yahoo will not be storing traders’ personal data. The new trading options are currently only visible to users with a US IP address. Given the partnership with Coinbase, some are speculating that Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic might soon be added to Yahoo’s crypto listings as well.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are currently the first, second and seventh-ranked cryptocurrencies respectively. Amidst a tumultuous 2018, Bitcoin’s price recently crossed the $7,000 threshold on August 28th but has since fallen back down to $6,900. Ethereum is up 0.5 percent over the last seven days and Litecoin is up 5.54 percent over the same period.

In March of this year, local news outlets reported that Yahoo Japan had announced plans to open a cryptocurrency exchange scheduled to launch as early as April 2019. The announcement for the Yahoo Japan exchange followed YJFX’s 40 percent ownership acquisition of BitARG Exchange Tokyo. YJFX is said to have paid 2 billion yen ($19 million) in the deal, and the company has since deployed executives and engineers to BitARG in preparation for the launch.

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