TRON Remains Active in Bear Market: Acquires and Now Offers Twitter Payments

TRON continues to be one of the most active cryptocurrency projects operating within the space, despite facing staggering losses in the current bear market. In a press release published yesterday, the Tron Team announced that the company’s Seedit platform is ready for launch on Twitter. The platform upgrade will allow TRX token holders to make cryptocurrency payments via the popular social media outlet, and serves as the next step forward in TRON’s attempt to enable real-world applications for its users. But that’s not all: a second press released published today, August 11th, reveals that TRON has also completed the acquisition of popular search and data aggregation website

Seedit Allows TRX Token Payments Across Social Media Platforms

TRON Team’s vision is to allow its users to easily pay their favorite content creators across the web. The cornerstone in realizing this vision is the company’s innovative Seedit platform. The platform initially launched on Telegram and is now expanding into other social media platforms like Twitter.

“With Seedit, you can easily send TRX or any other Tron token to anyone around the world using simple commands from various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Kakao,” reads the recent press release. “Making a wallet requires little effort. Simply send a payment to a new user and one is automatically generated for them. The private key and wallet address provided by Seedit give users full control, which they can use to link their accounts to their personal wallets and transfer funds quickly and securely.”

While TRON has announced that the testing phase of Seedit’s Twitter functionality has now been completed, the company has yet to give an exact release date.

TRON Acquires Popular Search Engine

TRON made the official announcement that it had acquired yesterday. Company CEO Justin Sun has declared that TRON’s updates to the website will make it a one-stop shop for big data analysis, blockchain project evaluation, information searching, and other key services for users in the blockchain field. Sun is encouraging developers throughout the industry to help build the platform to support the growth of the blockchain industry.

“By collecting a big amount of data, it will help TRON to better analyze what the community wants, what the blockchain field needs and what the current and future market condition is,” announced the TRON Team. “User can also utilize these analyzed data to be better informed about a certain project and get the information they need. The introduction of can also help solve certain problems in the blockchain field by analyzing the needs of the market and offering a feasible solution to it.”

TRON Keeping Busy in the Bear Market

The latest developments surrounding TRON add to an impressive list of activity undertaken by the company in recent months. Earlier this year, TRON acquired the popular blockchain gaming development website, and in late July, Sun announced that his company had also purchased industry leading peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform BitTorrent for $140 million.

Justin Sun and his company seem largely unfazed by its company’s plummeting price evaluations and appear to be staying focused on the big picture. TRON’s TRX token exploded to record high values of $0.25 in January of this year before crashing down to its current $.023 value. Amidst the current bear market the TRX token has lost over 20 percent of its value in the last 7 days.

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