Top 10 Crypto Making Good Movement As EOS and IOTA Leads The Day


In a continuing uptrend, the crypto market woke up to a good mood this Wednesday. Many are still in the fence whether it’s a real bull run or a fake but the day has definitely progressed beautifully for the entire crypto market. We are making a good market uptrend as most of the altcoins are now back to their recovery level and poised to move upwards.

The total market capitalization has continued its slow recovery and has grown by 2.6% on the day. We are now at $232 Billion, almost back to the start of this months level. The trade volume has also risen up back again to $13 Billion.

Bitcoin (BTC), the usual market driver, is still going up, albeit not as fast as yesterday. The Bitcoin price has made a 2.31% gain on the day and volume is still rising to $4.5 Billion. The dominance is now lower at 52.6% and there’s a rising bullish sentiment not only for Bitcoin but also for the altcoins.

Currently, the BTC price is at $7086 after defeating the $7k sell zone and holding. Earlier, the price went up as high as $7100 before coming back down to its current price. The next resistance is at $7200 and $7250 with support at $7010.

Ethereum is looking brighter today with a 3.37% jump to $293.43 ETH price. The second coin in terms of market cap is now at $1.5 total trade volume -still low for this coin. It’s a slow progress for this coin ever since it hit its lowest this month but it’s getting closer to $300 resistance zone. Earlier, it hit as high as $298.31. The support is now back at $286.

The Top 10 has performed great today and two coins had a record-breaking double-digit growth not commonly seen in the Top 10 cryptocurrency. EOS is leading with 15.62% on the day, up to $6.21. It was priced at $4.65 a week ago. EOS is still down from $8 as of this time last month but it has responded well with an announcement from the EOS team that they will develop a new voting system for its community to figure out what to do with the funds raised in the EOSIO.savings account. IOTA is on a third-day streak. Over the week, this coin has climbed from $0.525 to its current price at $0.79. It has made another 12.15% on the day. Litecoin, Cardano, and Bitcoin Cash are also moving forward with 3-4% gain.

The Top 25 is moving on steady with all greens except for Lisk and VeChain that lost 3.07% and 1.60% respectively. Dash is still uptrending with 10.77%. Yesterday, it was announced that Dash has formed a partnership with Kripto Mobile. Kripto would be developing a new line of cryptocurrency-enabled mobile phones and would open up a huge market.

Tron follows next with a 6.60% bringing its price to $0.02. OmiseGO, Ethereum Classic, and QTUM both have gains of over 4% on their sleeves. The rest at 1-3% gains on the day.

Further down the Top 100 list, is NOAH Coin, a new addition to the Top 100. It had a pump of up to 78.04% and it remains to be seen whether this is just a classic pump and dump. NOAH Coin is a Philippine-based remittance coin. Holo is also pumping at a decent 29.01% gain on the day. Rounding off our double-digit gainers are Metaverse ETP and Maidsafe Coin at 13.14% and 11.76% respectively. There is very little red on the board and its worth mentioning that Substratum is the biggest loser at -8.58%. Nano and Aion are both losing over 4% on the day.

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