Team McAfee Offering Rewards For Information Surrounding $100 Million Crypto Theft Committed by Employee

Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Watson of Team McAfee took to the Internet today to announce that an accountant for Team Mcafee has reportedly stolen up to $100 million dollars in cryptocurrency. According to Watson, an employee named Luke Jenkins is holding tens of millions of tokens in different cryptocurrencies received by John McAfee and his team as documented payments for marketing and consulting fees. Jenkins is now refusing to return the funds, while the McAfee team is “meticulously accounting for each token”. Team McAfee is now offering rewards to anyone who can provide useful information in the case. Details on some of the stolen tokens are as follows:

  • 3 Million Eristica Missing
  • 200 million CryptoSecure is missing.
  • 45 million Skraps sent to exchange and one other.
  • 935,520 MTC was sent to exchange (some sold).
  • Millions of Docademic have been laundered
  • 999,980 Sether was sent to HITBTC
  • 8,490 BTCP was sent to HITBTC
  • 12,599,908 Bez was sent to HITBTC

“We have investigated and tracked over thirty cryptocurrency addresses in our possession, two members from Team McAfee and possibly one other have been working with HITBTC and a gentleman who claims he is a lawyer who we now know is not,” writes Watson, who says the thief had chosen poorly to try to embezzle funds to and from HITBTC.

Watson reports to have already contacted numerous legal departments, token creators, products, investors and exchange CEOs regarding the case. In addition, the hundreds of individuals who are now victims of the theft have been contacted:

“Several exchanges within the last 24hours and partnerships have preemptively came forth with evidence of the intentional malice Luke Jenkins and two accomplices planned as far back as three months ago. Please be advised, we requested on numerous occasions that Luke give back Team McAfee tokens and all funds in his possession. We stressed the seriousness of repercussions and gave many opportunities for him to do the right thing. We tried numerous respectful approaches (documented) to retrieve McAfee assets but to no avail.”

Jenkins has been contacted by Team Mcafee several times asking to return the funds, but he has apparently provided nothing but “incredibly audacious responses to refuse”. Jenkins’ responses are reported to have been nefariously submitted with accusations of extortion. Authorities, including Jenkins’ parole officer, are now involved. He is likely to face severe criminal charges:

“We will make an example of this incident as they arise. Team McAfee has operated with integrity and with extreme adherence to all laws and statutes. However, former disgruntle team members or people who simply have hatred for John McAfee have decided a path ill-advised. In lieu of recent extortive measures and continued attacks on Team McAfee, I have decided to pursue all charges and legal remedies available to any and all persons, entities, underground movements or institutions that have devious and/or illegal plans.”

Watson concludes his open letter by warning any exchange, wallet or entity that doing business with Jenkins might have them labeled as accomplices. Team McAfee is encouraging anyone with knowledge about the case to come forward. Rewards are being offered to individuals with relevant information:

“Freedom of speech is afforded to all; nevertheless, the premeditated and illegal activity, designed to financially or physically hurt someone else will be prosecuted without quarter and at a minimum will be financially detrimental as with HITBTC. Do not fall into the same category as HITBTC and two others who may not know whats happening.”

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