TaTaTu Leads The Market On A Pump, BTC Flatlining This Weekend


The crypto market is in a business as usual mode as it continues on its road to recovery. The total market capitalization is continuing to climb and now at $218. 6 Billion -almost 3% growth on the day. The trading volume is still on the same level, playing at $15.8 Billion.

The market board is almost all green despite a few outliers such as VeChain, which seems to be correcting after flying high for two days. Among the Top 100, Dentacoin and Waltonchain seem to have fallen hard again. But overall, we are seeing a good weekend despite a still skittish market.

Bitcoin (BTC) is still stagnating around the $6500 area with a  0.16% gain on the day. The BTC dominance is also ebbing and now at  51.4%. Earlier, the price crossed the $6550 barrier and tried to reach $6600 but failed the attempt. If the sideways price action continues, it might be good for the altcoins market but is possible to create a selling pressure and once again push the price down to $6400.

Ethereum is on the fast track to recovery as it is now moving to $310. Yesterday, we mentioned that it needs to break $304 in order to gain momentum and it did break that level and now exchanging hands at $310. ETH has posted  3.20% gain on the day and is still poised to gain more.

The Top 10 is pretty solid with this weekends performance. XRP is leading the climb after some partnership news with cross-border payments platform, xRapid. It is now trading at $0.34 with 10.53% gain. EOS is also on the same level with 10.52% gain on the day. Bitcoin Cash is playing catch up and now at  6.48% gain and trading at $573.01. The rest of the altcoins in the Top 10 are recovering at 2-4% which is not bad for a weekend volume.

On the Top 25, we have VeChain on a reversal after a couple of days of bull run. It has lost  -9.13% and now trading at $0.013. Yesterday, it was trading at $0.014.

NEO is leading the Top 25 today, with 10.68% gain. It is now trading at $19.08 -still a long way from it $160 high in January. OmiseGo and TRON follow at 7% increase on the day.

The Top 100 is green overall. Much of the altcoins are taking advantage of the Bitcoin sideways movement and pushing their prices back up. While most of them have not recovered and some are alreadybeing delisted in Okex, the remaining coins are are fighting for their life.

Leading the Top 100 is Tatatu, fresh from its successful ICO campaign which has raised a whopping $575 million off its private sale of TTU crypto tokens from investors including BlockTower Capital and even a prince. It has amassed a whopping  82.71% on the day. The FOMO is certainly strong on this one. We have Nebulas, Cortex (in a comeback from yesterday’s pump), and AION on 20% and up gainers.

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