South Korea includes blockchain technology in its 6-month Youth Training Program

On 10th August, South Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge and Economy to Promote the Training of Core Talent in 4th technology has released a new plan with includes blockchain technology. The training of blockchain technology is one of the 40 training courses for ‘Innovative Growing Youth Talent’.

South Korea is one of the top influencers in the cryptocurrency space as more than 40% of its white-collar employees hold cryptocurrency. In addition, the country has also been the first to take a step towards promoting the use of blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

The primary aim of the training is to improve the current education system which would help in the betterment of the youth employment of the country. The statement said: [Translated from Korean]

 “In order to improve the existing education system which is composed only of educational institutions and to add cooperating companies so as to be advantageous for job-related cooperation, demand companies that are responsible for the employment of education graduates participated from the beginning of the project”

The training will be for a duration of 6 months and is set to commence in September 2018 and end in February 2019. According to the statement, almost 1200 people will undergo the training.

Young-Kyung Won, Software Policy Officer at the Ministry of Commerce, said that even though unemployment problem is emerging, the most important problem according to him is job mismatch. He further states that this program would help foster talents which are sought after by companies and would create new jobs and opportunities for the young talent.

Allen Lobster, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“This is such a fantastic step taken by a country. I mean, for the government itself to show such kind of initiative signs that blockchain technology undoubtedly will revolutionize the world. It would be great if all the countries in the world take the same initiative as South Korea.”

Joseph Henry, a BTC enthusiast says:

“I knew everyone would turn to blockchain and cryptocurrency to solve all the major problems”

Recently, the Founder of Techcrunch and Partner of Arrington XRP Capital, Micheal Arington spoke in favor of the country. According to him, the country allows people to try new things and has the most ownership when it comes to cryptocurrencies like no other place in the world

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