Roger Ver apologizes for Ripple and XRP Ledger ‘Fake News’

Roger Ver publicly apologized for his statements regarding the freeze function that can be implemented on the XRP Ledger. Referring to this as fake news, he further thanked David Schwartz for clarifying any doubts Ver had on the matter.

Towards the end of July, CEO and ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver began questioning the status of XRP [XRP] as a cryptocurrency. After coverage from AMBCrypto brought to light the misconceptions Ver had and the advice offered from Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, Bitcoin Jesus wrote an apology on his Twitter, stating:

“I’m sorry to say that I was fooled by the #FakeNews about XRP addresses being freezable. Thank you @JoelKatz for setting the record straight, and for being one of the most interesting people in crypto. Go Ripple!”

Reddit post linked by Roger Ver | Source: Reddit

Reddit post linked by Roger Ver | Source: Reddit

Along with the tweet, Ver posted a link that directed to a Reddit post that was linked to an article by news reporting portal CoinTelegraph. This article is currently not available on CoinTelegraph. However, access was gained to the article through Google’s caching service.

CoinTelegraph post named as fake news by Roger Ver | Source: CoinTelegraph

CoinTelegraph post || Source: CoinTelegraph

The article, dated April 22, 2015, spoke about the freeze reportedly conducted by Ripple on the XRP Ledger which targeted Jed McCaleb’s funds.

It stated:

“All that is required for Ripple to freeze user funds is to notify them of suspicious or unusual activity in their accounts and to simply ask the gateways to freeze or even reverse the funds. Speculations arise among bitcoin enthusiasts whether Ripple can still call themselves a ‘decentralized payment network.’”

This was quoted as being fake news by Roger Ver, which he then referred to in an interview with the popular YouTube channel known as crypt0. In this interview, Ver also claimed to be an early adopter in Ripple through Jed McCaleb, the founder of Ripple, approached Roger with an investment opportunity in the company. Speaking about this, he stated:

“Bitcoin was two dollars each and I was doing everything I could to get the traction in the world but I didn’t have that much traction and the entire market cap was maybe ten million bucks… So I said sure, no problem.”

The statement that set the XRP army on Roger Ver was him saying that Ripple can freeze funds on the XRP Ledger. He stated:

“So like, let’s say cryptocurrency if you want to use that, like Ripple winds up getting the mainstream adoption that everybody ends up using. It’s still better than the banking system that we have today where they charge 35 bucks to send a wire and it takes a couple of days in this and that but it’s not that much better because they can still freeze your account just like they can now.”

David Schwartz commented on this statement by Roger Ver, saying on Twitter:

“It is genuinely baffling to me how @rogerkver went from a person who was driven entirely by devotion to principles of individual liberty to someone who will lie and distort the truth to advance a system he is invested in. 1/2″

After Ver’s acceptance of his faults, Schwartz stated:

“Thank you for looking at the facts and correcting your statement. I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions. Happy birthday, BCH!”

However, WhalePanda, commonly known as a Twitter troll, pitched in, stating:

“Well you’re definitely both about as decentralized as the other.”

XRP enthusiast Tiffany Hayden replied:

“Gotta love the anonymous coward who feels the need to interject when MEN are speaking”

WhalePanda reiterated:

“Hi Tiffany, who are these men you are talking about? I see a fraud, a shitcoiner and an anonymous account. I am far from anonymous btw :). But don’t let that spoil your narrative just like you don’t let the fact that $XRP is a centralized shitcoin with missing blocks spoil it.”

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