Recent Survey Shows 30 Percent of UK Firms Have Been Affected by Cryptojacking Attacks

A recent research study published by Citrix has shown that as many as three out of ten businesses in the UK have fallen victim to cryptojacking within the past month. In the past few months, cryptojacking has become an even greater cryptocurrency-based scourge, overtaking ransomware attacks.

Details of the Citrix Cryptojacking Survey

According to details of the survey, 59 percent of participating organizations said they had detected the presence of cryptocurrency mining malware on their systems. Of these organizations, a large percentage of them made the discovery within the last six months. This period coincides with the emergence of cryptojacking as a legitimate cryptocurrency-based threat.

Other details of the survey point to the scale of cryptojacking attacks and the damage inflicted by the malware programs. For 40 percent of the firms that reported being victims of such attacks, more than 50 of their computers were reportedly affected. A further ten percent of them said more than 100 of their computers had traces of cryptocurrency mining malware.

The major difficulty in dealing with cryptojacking attacks stems from identifying the presence of the malware on computer systems.

The Citrix survey highlights this difficulty, as only 16 percent of organizations discovered a drop in the performance of their computers. Also, only about 20 percent of the participating organizations in the survey had any safeguards in place to prevent cryptocurrency mining attacks.

Cryptojacking is a Serious Problem for Corporate Organizations

Cryptojacking continues to be a severe problem for almost every aspect of the global corporate world. In 2017, cryptocurrency ransomware was the most dreaded form of crypto-based criminality. Firms were stockpiling virtual coins to pay up attackers in case their systems fell victim to hackers demanding Bitcoin.

However, cryptojacking has since overtaken ransomware as the king of cryptocrime. Recently, over 200,000 routers were infected in a mass cryptojacking attack in Brazil. A new viral form of the exploit has also emerged, one that spreads throughout a corporate network infecting routers, computers, and servers alike.

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