President Bill Clinton to Give Keynote Address at Ripple’s Annual Swell Conference

Ripple has announced today that the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Swell conference at the beginning of October in San Francisco, California. The Swell conference is branded as the place, “where the world’s leaders in policy, payments and technology connect.”

“At a time when groundbreaking technology and regulation were often on a collision course, President Clinton helped usher in a period of extreme growth and adoption of the Internet, shaping what it is today,” reads the announcement. “He also established programs that bridged the ‘digital divide’ and brought new technology to underserved communities around the world.”

President Clinton will be drawing on his experiences from the dot com boom of the 90s to provide insight into how digital asset and blockchain companies can better navigate the current technological revolution.

According to the announcement,

“We are at an impasse: digital assets and blockchain technology offer a way for value to be exchanged as quickly as information – creating more financial inclusion and economic opportunity. However, with this new technology comes potential for concern, requiring thoughtful policy to protect consumers from risk without hampering innovation.”

President Clinton’s keynote address will include a Q&A moderated by former National Economic Council Director and Presidential Adviser Gene Sperling.

Other topics addressed during the two-day conference starting October 1st will include:

  • Financial services companies using blockchain technology in production
  • New market opportunities in remittances, e-commerce and corporate marketplaces
  • Frameworks for regulating digital assets across Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Reactions to Ripple’s announcements have been mixed. Some criticisms have been launched accusing Ripple of choosing to treat the conference’s keynote address as an opportunity for a publicity stunt rather than a platform for expert discussion.

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